Friday, 20 April 2018

It’s the time for mangoes, the time for Aamlicious at Khandani Rajdhani!

If one were to pick the best thing about the summer, it’ll undoubtedly be the arrival of the king of fruits – the mango! There’s no better place to savour the best mango delicacies than Khandani Rajdhani – the world’s favourite thali! They have an irresistible ‘Aamlicious’ mango menu that will leave you asking for more!
Khandani Rajdhani’s award-winning chefs have brought together the very best mango preparations to brighten up your summer. The rotation menu ensures that every day of the festival, which begins from April 15, there will be at least 3 mango preparations for every meal. The varieties include a mix of popular and rare delicacies such as Aam Dal Dhokli, AamKhasta Kachori, AmchuriGundakiSabzi, AamrasBoondi, HapusJalebi, KaccheAamkiLaunji, KacchiKairiKhichiyaChaat, KairiMasaleBhaat, KairiThepla, KararaKairi Roll, Mango Corn Canapes, Mango Lassi, Mango Thandai and TikhiKairi Makai ka Salad. And of course, there’s the showstopper – the Aam Ras! These are all prepared from high quality mangoes sourced from farms and trusted vendors.
The Aamlicious menu will be served in Khandani Rajdhani restaurants across India. So this summer, get your loved ones together and treat them to a lavish meal with the Aamlicious menu. After all, there’s no such thing as too many mangoes!

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