Saturday, 21 April 2018

Annual Citation Day Celebration

Achariya Group of Educational Institutions, Chennai celebrated its one of a kind, Citation day on March 31 & April 1, 2018 at Chennai Trade Center. For the past decade, Achariya has been recognizing their outstanding students and their dedicated mentors across a wide spectrum of academic fields and creative expression. It has become a favorite tradition, where each and every student’s accomplishment is celebrated and which parents always look forward to greatly each year. The very essence of the citation day is that it builds the self- confidence and expression of the child in front of the audience amidst the parent’s wishful blessings.
This unique personalized way of doing, capturing their progressive growth, memories of childhood and nurturing the dreams in an ultra-positive manner requires a great deal of support, collaboration, cooperation and passionate working from the faculty and staff mentors. The auditorium was filled with nostalgic performances, rhythms and melodies, d├ęcor of medals, trophies and crowns. The personalized citation album capturing the child’s journey throughout the year gave an overwhelming response and Every child left with a smile and zeal to win more and more in the forthcoming academic year.‘Empowering minds and Enriching lives’ is what Achariya is all about as we celebrate the process and its outcomes.

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