Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Annual Day celebration of Mangadu Public School

Mangadu Public Secondary School has successfully completed 7 years and marked this grand achievement with celebrations on the 23rd of February 2018. Junior school Annual day was celebrations in the morning and in the evening, Senior School Annual day celebrations were held. For the celebrations we selected ‘The Phoenix’ as our theme logo. The phoenix is known in Greek Mythology for its unique quality. At a time there is just one Phoenix which lives for 500 years and then it burns itself to ashes and it rises from its ashes again. The Phoenix stands for agelessness, perseverance, serenity, variety of life and beauty.
The tears of the phoenix is said to have healing powers. It is considered to be a divine bird and to see one in their lifetime believes that the person is blessed. Against all odds and baby steps Mangadu Public School has risen back to glory and the contributing factors for this are the teachers, students and parents who are continuously supported and motivated by the management. On the annual day the teachers and students hand in hand presented and displayed a wide variety of programs that included a wide variety of creative presentations in the form of dance, drama both in English and Tamil, pantomime, tableaux, cultural representations, songs, patriotic support to their country.

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