Friday, 16 February 2018

LANXESS participates in Water Today Expo

LANXESS at this year’s Water Today’s Water Expo focused on the company's integrated expertise and longstanding experience in water treatment. The specialty chemicals company offered Lewatit brand ion exchange resins, Lewabrane membrane elements for reverse osmosis and Bayoxide iron oxide adsorbers.
“Membrane technology and ion exchange complement each other perfectly and are used by many of our customers in tandem. At Water Expo, we are showcasing our expertise as an experienced one-stop supplier for all water treatment requirements in the growing Indian water market,” says Mr. Prakash Shanmugam, GM & Head of Business Unit – Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) in India.

LANXESS addressed the current challenges in water treatment with a range of new developments. These include energy-efficient membrane elements from the Lewabrane RO ULP line (Reverse Osmosis – Ultra Low Pressure), Lewatit NM 3367 mixed bed ion exchange resin for desalination and Lewatit TP 107 selective ion exchange resin with high Cr(VI) binding capacity. LewaPlus design software featured a module for innovative reverse osmosis technology.
“As a globally leading supplier of products and solutions for water treatment and purification, we support our customers in managing scarce water resources efficiently and sustainably. Our products meet the highest international production and quality standards,” added Prakash.

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